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Colocation and How it Can Work for You

Colocation is an often overlooked form of web hosting that many small businesses are beginning to consider as a very real option. For a variety of reasons colocation is a great option so you should definitely consider it for your hosting and server needs. In the simplest form, colocation is all about using your own [...]

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The Importance of Backups

Face it, computers are not perfect, many people seem to think that they are and as a result they take absolutely no precautions in case of a failure. It is absolutely critical to have at least one type of backup of everything on your website or server because in the event of a failure you [...]

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Common Server Hardware Problems

If you’ve ever spent time dealing with a server then you have probably experienced a number of hardware related issues that can cripple your entire operation. Unfortunately hardware issues are essentially unavoidable so no matter what you do they are going to be something you must deal with. One of the most common hardware issues [...]

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Is Basic Web Hosting Enough for You?

Everybody wants a website, that is exactly why we and so many other companies offer basic web hosting packages that have become incredibly popular. The question you need to ask yourself is, do I need more than just a basic web hosting package? In all honestly that depends entirely on what you are looking for, [...]

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Its In the Cloud

Many people ask the same question when it comes to the cloud, what exactly does that oh so popular phrase even mean? Fortunately it’s not that difficult to understand and once you know what you’re talking about it will be significantly easier to pick out the right cloud package for yourself. At the most basic [...]

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What Exactly is a VPS?

When it comes to web hosting there are literally thousands of varieties and options available. Recently one of the most popular options available has become a VPS or virtual private server which is not just a web hosting package but a full server option. Just as the name states, a VPS is essentially a full [...]

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