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Simple Or Complicated, We’ve Got it Covered!

Websites can fit any number of applications and uses. Many are personal websites, fun websites, business websites, sales websites, or anything else. Due to the incredibly wide variety of purposes and uses it is often quite difficult to understand exactly what goes into managing and supporting a website. Fortunately we are here to help because […]

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Let us Manage Your Online Presence

Many businesses simply do not realize just how much work goes into properly managing and controlling a website. The important things are obviously security and updates but things like website monitoring and data usage are also incredibly important to monitor. For a small business or an individual this can be a lot of work and […]

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What is Quality Hosting

There are literally thousands of web hosts to choose from so many people are a little bit overwhelmed by the choices. The biggest differences between most web hosts are quality and size, and unfortunately many people completely overlook these two factors. Quality in particular is one factor that so many people seem to forget about […]

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Support, and Why you Deserve It

If you shop around online you will find that there are literally thousands of different web hosts available to choose from. Many people end up asking what the differences are and what makes a full size hosting company, like MadGenius, different from some of the hosting companies that are just home run operations. The biggest […]

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SOPA- What you Need to Know

SOPA is the current hot button issue online. There are literally thousands of different websites protesting SOPA and the affiliated PIPA bill and unless you know exactly what is going on it can be quite confusing. Fortunately the overall concept is fairly simple to understand. In general SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act) and PIPA (Protect […]

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The Importance of Reliable Hosting

Have you ever tried to visit a website only to find out that it was unavailable or having some sort of issue? If so then you understand just how frustrating it can be to run into unreliable websites, fortunately MadGenius is here to put an end to that thanks to our reliable and consistent hosting. […]

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Colocation and How it Can Work for You

Colocation is an often overlooked form of web hosting that many small businesses are beginning to consider as a very real option. For a variety of reasons colocation is a great option so you should definitely consider it for your hosting and server needs. In the simplest form, colocation is all about using your own […]

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The Importance of Backups

Face it, computers are not perfect, many people seem to think that they are and as a result they take absolutely no precautions in case of a failure. It is absolutely critical to have at least one type of backup of everything on your website or server because in the event of a failure you […]

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Common Server Hardware Problems

If you’ve ever spent time dealing with a server then you have probably experienced a number of hardware related issues that can cripple your entire operation. Unfortunately hardware issues are essentially unavoidable so no matter what you do they are going to be something you must deal with. One of the most common hardware issues […]

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What all Can I Do With cPanel?

No matter what type of hosting package you choose you are more than likely going to be using cPanel as it has essentially become the standard system used by nearly all websites. Fortunately cPanel is both easy to use and very useful so you definitely don’t need to worry about that in any way. As […]

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