Simple Or Complicated, We’ve Got it Covered!

Websites can fit any number of applications and uses. Many are personal websites, fun websites, business websites, sales websites, or anything else. Due to the incredibly wide variety of purposes and uses it is often quite difficult to understand exactly what goes into managing and supporting a website. Fortunately we are here to help because we are more than experienced in big business as well as individual owned websites. No matter how simple or complicated your website is we are here to support you in any way possible.

Of course we have 24/7 technical support but we have so much more than that. Behind the scenes we have people working around the clock to make sure that everything is up to date and ready to rock whenever you need it. This means that no matter how important or mission critical your website is, you can count on us to make sure it is always available.

Stop living in fear with your old web host and realize what it really means to have the support you need. Whether you’re providing a web portal for thousands of customers or just a simple web page for friends you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got it covered.

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Let us Manage Your Online Presence

Many businesses simply do not realize just how much work goes into properly managing and controlling a website. The important things are obviously security and updates but things like website monitoring and data usage are also incredibly important to monitor. For a small business or an individual this can be a lot of work and responsibility that often gets overlooked, fortunately there is a solution.

Mad Genius specializes in managed services which will keep your website on track without any input from you. We can and will apply all important updates, all major changes, and all security controls needed for your website. Mad Genius also offers monitoring services that can keep you informed of important things like network info, resource usage, and much more. All of these services are meant to keep you from getting involved at all so that you can commit your valuable time to more important things. The best part is, we’ve been doing this for years so managing your website is something we can guarantee we do properly.

Of course all of our managed services come with the peace of mind that all our hosting comes with too so you don’t have to worry about downtime or outages ever. Why waste your time with inferior hosting that doesn’t offer support or quality like we do? Mad Genius really is the way to go.

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What is Quality Hosting

There are literally thousands of web hosts to choose from so many people are a little bit overwhelmed by the choices. The biggest differences between most web hosts are quality and size, and unfortunately many people completely overlook these two factors. Quality in particular is one factor that so many people seem to forget about because it seems everyone is out to find the lowest price. The good news is that Mad Genius is here to provide the best of both worlds for you and your website.

Quality is one of our primary focuses and we are always working as hard as possible to make sure your hosting is available 24/7. We also have reliable and helpful support members available to help resolve any issues you may encounter so that you are never stuck out there alone. Not only do we offer incredible quality and support, Mad Genius also has some incredibly competitive prices. Obviously you get what you pay for and because of that our services might be a tiny bit more expensive than certain other competitors, but if you compare the quality of service you will receive it will be an incredibly easy decision.

Check out the various hosting and service packages available from Mad Genius today. We won’t disappoint you and you will be glad that you chose a quality hosting company for your business or website.

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Support, and Why you Deserve It

If you shop around online you will find that there are literally thousands of different web hosts available to choose from. Many people end up asking what the differences are and what makes a full size hosting company, like MadGenius, different from some of the hosting companies that are just home run operations. The biggest different is support and help, we offer it and in most cases those other guys do not.

Here at MadGenius we offer some of the greatest support you will ever find. Our 24/7 support is something you might not think you need but just like everything else, that one time you do need it you will be glad it is available. You can quickly and easily contact us either through online chat or on the phone so no matter what you need or when you need it we are available to help.

Why settle for little to no support or costly paid support when we can provide you everything you need. Call us anytime and you will be greeted by someone ready and willing to help you resolve all of your problems quickly and easily. So ask yourself one quick question, would you rather have to figure everything out by yourself or would you rather have professional help available anytime you need it? Once you answer that question it will be incredibly obvious which type of hosting is right for you.

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SOPA- What you Need to Know

SOPA is the current hot button issue online. There are literally thousands of different websites protesting SOPA and the affiliated PIPA bill and unless you know exactly what is going on it can be quite confusing. Fortunately the overall concept is fairly simple to understand.

In general SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) are aimed at reducing or eliminating illegal activity online. The concept is sound but unfortunately due to the way the bills were drafted the scope is significantly broader than many people feel it should be. Not only would it be illegal to upload, download, or view copyrighted material, it would also be illegal to purposely or accidentally link to a page that contained it.

Obviously this is where the issues come into play as there is almost no way to accurately check all links and websites. The government control of copyright monitoring would essentially bring the internet to its knees according to most analysts and it would basically bring everything to a sudden halt online. Protecting copyrights is important and most people agree that something should be done, but at this point SOPA and PIPA are definitely not the solution. Check out the official SOPA and PIPA bill information to see what exactly we are up against and do whatever you can to raise awareness.

The combined protest of tech giants like Google and Wikipedia has definitely brought some attention to the matter but unless people continue to voice their opinion the entire issue may once again be buried under others. Do what you can now to spread the word and hopefully we can keep the internet open for business.

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The Importance of Reliable Hosting

Have you ever tried to visit a website only to find out that it was unavailable or having some sort of issue? If so then you understand just how frustrating it can be to run into unreliable websites, fortunately MadGenius is here to put an end to that thanks to our reliable and consistent hosting. We have nearly 100% uptime and with our 24/7 support you never have to worry about being stuck with an unresponsive or broken website.

Of course we realize nobody is perfect, but why should you settle for significantly less than perfect. We’re nearly as close to perfect as we can get and we are proud of that. Uptime and reliability is what MadGenius is built on so stop putting up with inferior and unreliable hosting and make the smart switch to MadGenius.

Even if you haven’t personally experienced downtime, now is the time to switch in order to prevent it. Odds are your budget hosting company is going to run into hardware or network related problems at some point and you just don’t need to deal with that. Come see what reliability and support is all about with MadGenius.

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Colocation and How it Can Work for You

Colocation is an often overlooked form of web hosting that many small businesses are beginning to consider as a very real option. For a variety of reasons colocation is a great option so you should definitely consider it for your hosting and server needs.

In the simplest form, colocation is all about using your own hardware and server setup but using our data center and all of the associated extras. That means that you own and control the server in every single way but do not have to deal with the hassle of bandwidth purchases, power outage protection, or onsite technical support. If anything goes wrong we have got a solid team of experts to get everything fixed as soon as possible to prevent downtime for your server.

As with all of our hosting and server setups, our colocation options include redundant power and internet connections so the odds of any major downtime occurring are nearly zero. Using your own server hardware is also a great benefit in many cases because you are completely free to control the server and do anything you want to it with no restrictions, plus you can always upgrade it as you see fit. Perhaps the best part is that colocation is actually more affordable than many of the other options companies are considering. If you need a powerful offsite server and already have the necessary hardware our colocation service is exactly what you’re looking for.


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The Importance of Backups

Face it, computers are not perfect, many people seem to think that they are and as a result they take absolutely no precautions in case of a failure. It is absolutely critical to have at least one type of backup of everything on your website or server because in the event of a failure you will very likely lose everything.

Fortunately if you choose us for your VPS hosting needs you won’t even have to worry about backing things up. Our system is fully automated and completely capable of making a daily, weekly, or monthly backup depending how you set it up. We recommend backing things up at least weekly but if you’ve got enough space or have critical items on your server it may be worth your while to setup daily backups; either way it is completely automated and you will never have to worry about making backups again.

Thousands of people learn the hardware each and every year that they should have made a backup of their server. If you have never had it happen to you then you may not realize exactly how difficult it is to get everything working properly again after a server failure and you do not ever want to find out. A simple backup is all it takes and MadGenius’s VPS hosting is more than capable of making all the backups you could ever need. Of course we’re not expecting any sort of failures but it is still good to have just in case.

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Common Server Hardware Problems

If you’ve ever spent time dealing with a server then you have probably experienced a number of hardware related issues that can cripple your entire operation. Unfortunately hardware issues are essentially unavoidable so no matter what you do they are going to be something you must deal with.

One of the most common hardware issues with servers is simply hard drive or storage failures. This is not only a big deal in terms of downtime, it is also a big deal because it can cause significant data loss. Unless you or your server host has properly backed up everything you could lose everything due to one simple hard drive failure.

Another common hardware problem involves the RAM on the server; RAM is one of those pieces of hardware that can just go bad overtime and since it is always being used and reused it can in fact fail frequently and unexpectedly. Fortunately this is usually not too difficult to replace as long as you have the proper replacement parts.

The good news is, you can avoid most of these problems by choosing Mad Genius as your hosting company. We offer dozens of packages and options, all of which come with 24/7 support which will essentially guarantee perfect up time for you and your website or server. Our servers still aren’t perfect but our backup system and maintenance can almost guarantee that you won’t have any interruptions. Stop dealing with hardware issues on your own, let us handle all of that so your servers will work when you need them.

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What all Can I Do With cPanel?

No matter what type of hosting package you choose you are more than likely going to be using cPanel as it has essentially become the standard system used by nearly all websites. Fortunately cPanel is both easy to use and very useful so you definitely don’t need to worry about that in any way. As for what exactly cPanel can do, the possibilities are nearly endless and odds are it can do nearly everything you could possibly want.

One feature offered by cPanel is the mail system; this essentially allows your webhosting package to also function as a mail server so you can obviously receive email at whatever domain you have registered. This is great because it gives you the ability to create custom email addresses for each of your websites and no matter which web hosting package you select from us will allow you to have unlimited email accounts.

Another awesome feature accessible in cPanel is the advanced tracking system used by cPanel to help you analyze and monitor your visitors. AWStats comes preinstalled on all copies of cPanel so it will automatically begin tracking all of your visitors and with this information you can tell how popular your site has become and you can also begin to monitor improvements generated by minor changes you make to the site.

Overall cPanel is absolutely great when it comes to web hosting. There are literally hundreds of useful features available in cPanel so definitely check out some of our cPanel enabled web hosting packages today to see what all you can get for your website.

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